Your Questions:

-What are your rates?

Commissions for weddings start at $3,500.00 and if you have any questions feel free to  contact me. :D

-How long do we have you?

It's your special day, I'm going to be beside you the whole day! From the moment you start to get ready till you leave the venue!

-How far will you travel?

Anywhere! (let's talk about where you want me to go)

-How do we pay?

After we talk, and agree on what you want I'll set up a custom payment option for you. You can pay by card, check, or cash.

-How many photos do we get?

I usually deliver anywhere from 400-600 pictures.

-Are all of the photos edited?

ABSOLUTELY! After we work together and pick your favorites, I will edit all of them!

-Can we print our photos?

YES! You can print your photos where ever and when ever you want! You can give them to family, and share them on the internet. Or if you'd like I can get my print lab to professionally print them for you.

-How do we get the pictures?

Typically I host a private gallery for you, and you can download them from there.

-Can my "uncle bob" take pictures at my wedding?

Of course, just as long as he doesn't get in my way. (I also offer discounts for "unplugged weddings")

-I'm a photographer, can we work together?

Yes, let's connect! :D